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Resume | Jared Clayton Robertshaw


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Seeking Employment as a Game Designer


• Enthusiastic, self-starter with a desire to work in a collaborative team environment
• Interested in the psychology of games and the ways in which game design can influence the audience’s attitude and behaviour
• Able to use personal knowledge and understanding of game history and design to create innovative experiences using a variety of tool sets


Art Institute of Vancouver
March 2014 ▪ Game Art and Design Diploma
Dean’s Honour Roll (GPA 3.8 or above)
• Winter 2014 Art Institute Portfolio Show ‘Best in Show’ Winner
• Trained in Game Design through a comprehensive hands-on program including solo and team projects

Software Knowledge

• Game Maker Studio
• Unity 3D
• Flash
• Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Visio)
• Adobe Photoshop
• Unreal Development Kit
• Autodesk Maya Skills
• Game Maker Language Scripting
• C# Scripting in Unity
• AS3 Scripting
• Documentation and Spreadsheets
• 3D level creation, decoration and lighting
• Visual Scripting using Kismet
• 3D modeling

Academic Experience

Game Designer
Line Cook ▪ Cooking/Management Game
As the creator and sole developer of Line Cook I have been in control of all aspects of the game’s production.
• Prototyped and scripted all game mechanics using Game Maker Studio
• Simple drag and drop control allows for an intuitive, fast paced, pick-up and play game
• Worked within a strict time frame with frequent milestones to deliver a complete, polished product
• Wrote and maintained game design documentation to implement design ideas at future times
• Utilized student and faculty feedback to tune game play mechanics
• Created all in game art assets, backgrounds and animations using Game Maker’s built in sprite editor and Photoshop
• Modified game input methods to support mobile game platforms

Vola-Tile ▪ Two-Player Strategy Game
As a project Vola-Tile is intended to showcase my understanding of multiplayer game design and the Action Script language.
• Created a fresh take on the classic table top strategy game Othello with the inclusion of bombs
• Iterated on several input methods before settling on the current control scheme which allows for desktop or mobile input
• Designed and created all art and animation using Photoshop
• Tested alternate tile capturing methods and utilized play test feedback to determine method used in the game
• Scripted game mechanics using Flash Develop and the Flash Punk

Global Game Jam 2014 ▪ Walk Me Home
Assisted in scripting the player controls, creating story and modeling 3D assets on an all student team. The game jam’s 48 hour timeline offered valuable experience in time management and teamwork.

Shepherd ▪ 3D Herding Adventure Game
As Producer for the student directed game project, Shepherd, I was responsible for the day-to-day management the game’s development over a nine-month period.
• Scheduled milestones for Game Design, Art and Programming students to keep development of the game on track
• Facilitated communication between designers, artists and programmers
• Planned and ran daily scrum meetings with all team members involved in the production
• Created a development timeline to ensure all milestones were delivered on time
• Designed and scripted a level featuring unique light based mechanics
• Assisted in writing a game design document intended to expedite design of the game
• Produced a play testing form to record and analyze data collected during student run play tests
• Prepared and presented a successful game pitch to recruit student artists to work on the game
• Assisted in planning and Organizing Indie 3, a student run game exposition, to showcase Shepherd

Work Experience

Kitchen Supervisor ▪ July 2007 – Present
The Wolf and Hound ▪ 3617 W. Broadway
As Line Cook at the Wolf and Hound Restaurant I am responsible for preparing and cooking meals in a timely fashion.
Other responsibilities include:
• Creating original recipes utilizing available ingredients for soups and specials
• Assessing Inventory and ordering required goods from suppliers
• Preparing food for service using sales reports and projections
• Scheduling employee hours with a focus on labour costs

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